The Best Kids Water Bottles in 2021

The Best Kids Water Bottles in 2021

March 25, 2020

The Best Kids Water Bottles in 2020

Compared to adults, children are more active running around, so they tend to become thirsty easily. Also, children are more likely to fall sick if they drink water which is not clean, so it is important that parents provide clean drinking water to their children when they are away from home. Usually, parents are providing water for their children from home in a Kids Water Bottle. The parents usually do not know how to choose the right water bottle for their child since there are a large number of water bottles available in different sizes, designs, quality, and the features appear similar.

The water bottles for children are available in different materials, and each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Though glass is transparent and does not react with the milk, glass bottles will break easily, especially if they are thrown from a height. Also, the broken glass pieces could also injure the child. Aluminum is light in weight, yet only a few designs may be available and the bottle may bend. Stainless steel is more suitable for water, since it does not alter the taste. However, the bottle will be heavier and more expensive compared to other materials. Plastic is the most popular material for water bottles, since it is inexpensive and in weight. However, the buyer should ensure that it does not contain any toxins, and is BPA free.

Why we don't recommend Disposable Water Bottles?

Though they are inexpensive, there are many disadvantages of using disposable water bottles. The material used for the water bottles is not of good quality due to which the water bottle may break easily, resulting in water leakage. These disposable bottles may also contain toxins which are dangerous for the health of the child. The disposable water bottles can be used only for a few days or weeks, after which they have to be replaced. So though the cost of one bottle may be low, the cost of replacing the bottle repeatedly could be high. In the long term, it may be cheaper to purchase a high-quality durable water bottle which can be used for many months or years.

Children grow quickly, and one of the factors which has to be considered while choosing a Grow Water bottle is the weight of the bottle. Smaller children can only easily carry a lighter, smaller bottle, so a plastic bottle should be considered. They are also not likely to handle the bottle roughly, so a durable water bottle should be selected. The capacity of the water bottle should be sufficient so that there is enough water for the child when he is away from home. The bottle should have an attractive design so that the kid will enjoy using the bottle. The design should also ensure that water will not spill from the bottle accidentally. The spout of the bottle should be easy to open, so that the kid can quickly drink water when thirsty.

The glowing water bottle is a unique water bottle, highly recommended for kids, because it combines a 3D image with a night light and a water bottle. The buyer can choose from different 3D images based on the child's preference like unicorn, baseball, dolphin, truck, dinosaurs. The bottle also includes a night light, with a LED panel which glows everytime, the kid will sip water. The buyer can choose from 7 different colors, or use the automatic color changing mode. To ensure that there is no leakage of water, the bottle is fitted with a silicone gasket. The bottle has a push button, which when pressed will automatically open the bottle for drinking. Since the bottle is made from durable transparent Eastman Tritan plastic material it will not shatter and also does not contain BPA. Even if the bottle is not used, the LED panel can be used as a night light.

Children are very happy to receive gifts, hence parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and others are always interested in finding well designed, attractive and useful items for the kids. The glow water bottle with a 3D image is highly recommended for children, since it is well designed, made from the highest quality materials, is available in different colors and is reasonably priced.

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