What is the best soccer gifts for boys 2019

What is the best soccer gifts for boys 2019

August 09, 2019

There are many customers who ask us what is the best soccer gifts for boys. Now, this great product has been launched in 2019.

How can we get the idea for this new product?

  1. As soccer lovers, of course, the boy loves soccer stuff.
  2. We found most of the kid would love to put a night light in the room.
  3. Parents always worry kids don’t drink enough water daily. The best idea is to provide an attractive water bottle with kids.

All in all, why can't we put all of them in one? Of course, we can. Here is our new product. Soccer + Water Bottle + Night Light | 3 in 1

 Soccer Water Bottles

Our Soccer Water Bottles are a great gift for any soccer fans! They are made out of tough Eastman Tritan™ material that is BPA-free for safe drinking. It seems the whole world loves a good game of soccer! If you know a soccer nut or two, you can bet they’ll love this soccer water bottle. This Sports water bottle has a wide mouth to accommodate ice and make filling easy, 

3D illusion. The soccer was designed by 3D max, which will look more like 3D. we just print the 2D artwork on the surface of a bottle, but it looks more like 3D.

8 Color modes. Each Soccer water bottle has 8 Color modes, RED, GREEN, BLUE, YELLOW, CYAN, PINK, WHITE, and Color-Changing. You can choose any color light you like.


Enjoy a magical experience and watch LEDs light up these bottles every time your kids take a drink.
soccer water bottles

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