3D Lamp

What is a 3D lamp?

Coolgiftmart pioneered the 3D lamp design in the year 2014. Their designer uses 3D software to design the 3D lamp artwork to have the final product looking like the 3D. They create the 3D model on the 3d max, then pick the 3D line. Engraving of that work is done using then done using the laser machine. The 3D illusion lights use bright LED lights that do not get hot and are energy-efficient, with a longer lifespan compared to the incandescent bulb.

The 3D lamp is a revolutionary, glowing optical illusion product that you put in your room for that renovate and decorate concept. This product combines technology and art to create some optical illusions in 3D, to light up the room while playing tricks to the eyes to dazzle your kids and your guests alike.

You can see the design from afar, but on closer look, it appears as a thin, flat, acrylic sheet of glass. These 3D illusion lamps are ideal for your bedroom, living room area, or office, making them the perfect gifts for birthdays and any other celebrations.

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When you put the 3D images on the LED base and light up, the result is super cool. This concept is how the 3D lamp was born. The lamp is flat.LED lamps to use one or more lighting diodes and can be used as either special-purpose lighting or for general lighting purposed. They are also more efficient compared to fluorescent lamps. LED lamps to have a circuit to convert AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current) that LEDs run on.

What are the benefits of using LED lights?

LED stands for light-emitting diodes, semiconductors that turn electrons into the light. LED lights happen to be the latest smart technology in lighting because of their power-saving properties. How LEDs generate light is the main distinguishing factor of LEDs from another lighting. Here are 9 reasons you should go for the LED lights compared to the other traditional lighting solutions:

1.LED Bulbs are efficient
Compared to the conventional lighting alternatives like the incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs are energy- efficient by 80-90% energy saving rate. Saved energy means more savings from reduced costs of energy bills.An LED bulb takes only 70% of the energy to produce light. In comparison, an LED bulb will take just 6 watts, while an incandescent takes 40 watts to produce light.

2.LEDs have a long life span
The lifespan of LEDs is over 50,000 hours, compared to the 1500 hours that a typical incandescent bulb has, with around 7years of use without replacement. This lifespan is 10times and 133 times longer than small fluorescent, and incandescent bulbs, respectively, and this extended life expectancy cuts on maintenance and operating costs.
LED bulbs filament do not burn out. Instead, the light amount that they produce decreases. You, therefore, do not need to change them frequently, saving costs in the long run.

3.Eco-friendly lighting
LED Bulbs do not contain toxic substances like neon bulbs that contain mercury. These dangerous substances are a threat to the environment, and even their disposal and recycling process is a challenge. On the other hand, efficient use of lighting through the use of LED bulbs, where lighting takes up about 20% of the total electricity, significantly reduces carbon emissions.

Mercury and lead-free bulbs will mean environmental durability. LED lights have low on UV and IR, which is a benefit to the environment and our surroundings.

4.Safe heat output
Incandescent bulbs are known to get very hot, thus not ideal for heat-sensitive environments and flammable materials, and can also pose the risk of causing fires and burns when touched. LED lights, on the other hand, can be left on for hours without incidences as they generate almost zero warmth and are cool to the touch.

5.Lower heat radiation
Incandescent bulbs heat the filament to a specific temperature for it to produce heat, an LED bulb does not use heat for them to generate light. Instead, turn energy to light, therefore being able to operate at low temperatures compared to other light bulbs while consuming less electricity. Consequently, they allow a wider span of energy consumption.

LEDs are durable and can be relied on to operate in areas of cold temperatures, withstand vibrations and high-level shocks, and more impact compared to the other types of bulbs. These are, therefore, ideal for both outdoors and indoors as they can withstand so much. The same cannot be said about fluorescent and incandescent bulbs and lights.

7.Instant illumination
Well, you do not have to wait in the dark when you turn on the lights for the bulb to warm up and light up, as is common with CFLs. When it comes to LEDs, the bulbs light up instantly. You turn the lights on, and the bulb illuminates immediately to full brightness.

8.Strategic lighting
LEDs are designed to emit light in one direction, reducing light and energy wastage and are therefore ideal for task lighting. The SFLs, however, have their lights go all round.

9.Colour range
Incandescent bulbs do not have many colour options but use gels and filters to produce colours and different light shades. These can fade or burn with time, and not provide a desirable result. LED lights come in different base colours and temperatures like red, amber, and blue, which can also be mixed for several colour options. These colours are long-lasting, retaining the same shade over its lifespan.

Why should you choose an amazing gift 3D LED lamp?

1.Creative stuff
Coolgiftmart, the pioneer of the 3D lamp, has the most extensive optical illusions lamps collection. They are of high quality and of high innovation standards from combining technology and art to come up with creative pieces. Made suitable for the specific room environment that you need the lamp for, be it in your home or office.
The acrylic optical plate has some engraved 2D designs, that with special lighting, offer 3D visual illusions, making your room more appealing. This modern technology Uses 3D optical illusions to trick the eyes.

2.Thousands of designs
There is a wide range of printable LED lamp designs to pick from. Whether you like the unicorn, dinosaur, Hockey, Basketball, there is a long list of designs that you can choose from. The 3D designers first design the patterns before engraving the laser.You can choose your desired lighting experience to 100% practicality.

The base of the 3d lamp has a number of LEDs. When the colour of these LEDs flashes or changes, the colours of the 3Dd lamp flash and change as well. You can have quite a wide range of colours in there, flashing up to 7 shades in turns: Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, Cyan, and white. There you can change according to your mood.

4.Applicable Scenarios
Should the need for the 3D lamps be for your hotel, bedroom, your dining area, or for your baby's room, there is a wide range of designs to pick from and apply. You can have your 3D Clamp custom-made to your preference.Be it for your bar, hotel, baby rooms, Atmosphere lights, holiday gifts, advertising gifts, the 3D led lamp can be ideal for a variety of scenarios.

5.Gift ideas
3D lamps are great for gifting both the young, loved ones and the elderly on their special days. Be it birthdays, anniversaries, or other holiday celebrations like Christmas. They are suitable for all people who love animals, technology, and abstract designs.

6.Liven your room
The old, traditional lights can be boring. For people who struggle to sleep without lights, or sleep comfortably, 3D night lights would be ideal for helping you ease any anxiety that you may have. A study has proven the red coloured lamps to be less depressive compared to blue and white light exposure.Some 3D night lamps will have the stars' illusion, feeding your soul with a star-gazing moment that is therapeutic to the star lovers.

What does a 3D lamp package include?
A 3D LED lamp package will have:
1* Acrylic
1*LED base
1* Micro USB cable
1*Manual (1* Remote)


1. Is it the real 3D?

No, it is not real 3D, they are just 2D drawings that shine. The 3D illusion lamps are actually 2D drawings on a light-up line. The base part of the lamp has a light source in the inside, that shines on the acrylic plate at the line, dramatically making the drawing shine.There are real illusion 3D lamps that have their LEDs grids and the whirling carefully synchronized.

2. What is the size of the 3D lamp?
It is essential to check the size of the lamp being sold before you can place an order as the sizes vary.
Coolgiftmart comes in:
* Regular size: 9*7 inches
* Large size: 12*9 inches
* You can also get a smaller lamp version of 7*6 inches.

3. how do 3d lamps work?
The 3D lamp has a dual power connection. You can use the USB cable to connect the lamp to power by your computer, mobile charger, laptop, or any other 5V USB plug wish is not included in the lamp package. You can also use 3 AAA batteries.

4. How can I choose a 3D lamp colour?
You can choose the colour from the seven color options available, to either show a single colour or all seven of them. You can get the colour you want manually by tapping the smart button to switch the colors one by one. You can also use the remote control to light the lamp up and have all the different colours flash circularly.

5. Does the 3D lamp scratch or get dirty easily?
The top part of the plate is acrylic, and you, therefore, need to be careful when handling it. Handle with care as most suppliers do not allow for replacements or refunds.

6. How do you clean the 3D lamp?
If there any marks or dust on the acrylic surface, use a piece of cloth or sponge that is dampened with warm soapy water to wipe them off. Use only new sponges and cloths when cleaning the acrylic panels.

7. Why is the 3D lamp price very different in the retail market?
* 3D lamps come in varied sizes, which will also cause a variation in the cost of the lamps.
* Different brands are selling the 3D lamps in the market, and each brand has its pricing policy.
* Different qualities of the 3D lamp will have different pricing. Some of the 3D lamps in the market are only 3D illusions, and the original ED lamp will cost relatively higher.

8. Do all lamps come with all the seven colours?
All the 3D lamps come with the 7 colours (Cyan, purple, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue, and white) built-in. You, therefore, do not need to choose the colour when making a purchase. Even if you get to choose from the website, you will get all seven colors included in your lamp. By the touch of the switch, however, you can select your preferred colour theme on the lamp.

9. Can I custom photo 3D lamp?
Yes, you can have your 3D lampshade customized to your preference. All you need to do is provide your photo to the seller, who will design the necessary artwork and produce that personalized 3D lamp for you.

10. Where can I buy optical 3D lamps?
There are many online store selling 3D lamps, you can buy it on Coolgiftmart.com

In Conclusion

If you are enthusiastic about what a combination of art and technology can produce, and you often use lighting to create different moods and scenarios in the room, then the 3D LED lamps are the way to go. The devices are affordable, energy-efficient, with a wide variety of 3D illusions of varied shapes, colours, and sizes to choose from, to help turn your home into a decorative one.
The fact that you do not have to settle for just what the seller has in store, you can come up with your images and have them customized to better the suit the room you need it for, is quite a plus! Do not settle for the regular lighting, spice your rooms up a bit with a 3D lamp, and dazzle your clients and loved ones.