Glowing Water Bottle

The glowing water bottle is great gift idea for kids. A glowing water bottle is a 3 in 1 bottle with a 3D image and a LED base, which is capable of emitting night light. Get yourself and your kid a 3D glowing water bottle and live to enjoy the experience.

Why choose it?

There are several reasons why you should go for the glowing water bottle. The reasons range from aesthetics to functionality. Let us take a look at some.

i) It is cool- Now, who doesn't want to look cool? A glowing water bottle has a superior build and a characteristic beautiful light emission that makes it look cool. This is an advantage, especially for those with kids. We know that kids are wowed by cool-looking and amazing stuff. Your kids will, therefore, love drinking water from the glowing bottle, which is a plus. You could also carry your bottle along when going out for a hike or a casual walk.

ii) Multifunction- This is one of the biggest reasons why you need a glowing water bottle. This fantastic invention has more than one function. It is pretty obvious that one of the uses is to store water. A glowing water bottle can also be used as a night light. Now imagine having to pass through a dark alley in the middle of the night, with a flat phone battery. Cool, right? Can you now imagine a scenario where it is dark outside, but you have a glowing water bottle? Different, right?
A glowing water bottle, therefore, has more than just one function like the standard water bottles. You will carry water and get extra lighting all at the same time.

iii) More designs- Each bottle in this product line has its own design. You are however given different design options to pick from when making your order. For those with choosy kids, getting the best design for them is always a struggle. With glowing water bottles, however, you do not have to go through all that pain, since there are quite a number of bottle designs to pick from. How lucky? You also get different 3D images to choose from, giving you the ultimate illusion you so desire.

iiii) Carry loop-Another advantage of owning a glowing water bottle is that it is a perfect-on-the-go companion. These bottles are usually light, which means you will not have to bombard yourself with bulk when on a journey. You can fill up your bottle pretty quickly and leave, saving you time and eff

v) Build quality- Glowing water bottles are built to last. They have a superior build quality that allows you to store even icy water. The bottles are also made in such a way that they do not allow any leakages. The perfect build quality saves you money since you do not have to keep on buying these bottles. With the right handling, one bottle can serve you for a year plus. The build quality also makes these bottles weather-proof, which is everything you need if you are going out hiking.They are usually made of high impact-resistant plastic, which rarely wears out.

How does it work?

Before going out to purchase a glowing water bottle, it is only right that you get to know their working mechanism. Well, let's break this down.

These bottles are usually powered by batteries. Therefore, if you want to see some glow, install 3X AAA alkaline batteries and then turn on the LED base. When the LED base is turned on, the 3D image in the bottle will light up, creating the perfect 3D illusion. You get different light colors, too, which can be chosen by manipulating the knob at the LED base.

Can I use my glowing water bottle as a night light? Absolutely yes. You can use these bottles a night light and as water bottles, all at the same time.


i) What parts are included with the bottle?
A glowing water bottle comes in three components, which are the LED base, the bottle body, and the manual. The LED base is responsible for lighting up the 3D image, whereas the bottle body stores water.

ii) What size do they come in?
Glowing bottles are your perfect on-the-go-companion and therefore measure quite a reasonable height. One measures 8.3 inches, which is sizeable enough.

iii) How do you clean your glowing water bottle?
Now, with glowing water bottles, you have the liberty to either handwash or use a dishwasher. The first thing that you need to do before going for either of the methods is to remove the LED base first since it is not waterproof. Ensure, therefore, that you scrub the inner sides of the bottle gently and then rinse for handwashing. It would be highly advantageous if you used warm water.

iv) How many ounces is a glowing water bottle?
Now, you must have realized that the reason why many people detest carrying water bottles is because of the weight. Glowing water bottles, however, are light. They weigh roughly about 14oz.

v) Can I put ice in a glowing water bottle?
Absolutely yes. You can. You see, these bottles come with superior quality and can, therefore, handle freezing water. If you want to keep your water cold for quite some time, you can have ice inside the bottle.

vi) Is it BPA free?
Absolutely. This bottle is made using Eastman Tritan material manufactured in the United States. There is no cause for alarm, therefore.

vii) What if I wanted to choose the color before placing an order?
With the glowing water bottles, the color choice should be the least of your worries. Each of these bottles come with a range of color lights, totaling to seven. You do not, therefore, have to pick a color before placing an order.

viii) How do I light up a room using the water bottle?
Lighting up your room using the water bottle is quite simple. After powering your bottle using alkaline batteries, all you need to do is to turn on the LED base. The container will glow up, lighting up your room.

ix) Does the glowing water bottle leak?
Absolutely no. These water bottles are leak-resistant thanks to their perfect build.

x) Can I custom the glow in the dark water bottle?
Yes, you can. Having a customized water bottle is everybody's fantasy. All you need to do to own one is to contact the seller before placing an order. To help him know what you want, please send the image you desire. After sending the image, the seller will work on your desired piece living you with a customized bottle.

xi) How long does it take to ship a glowing water bottle?
After ordering your water bottle, it only takes 2-5 days before laying hands on it because the item usually ships from California.

xii) How do I remove the LED base of the glowing water bottle?
Now, it is necessary that you dislodge the LED base of the glowing bottle from the body during activities such as cleaning. This is quite simple, however. Just turn the base gently in an anticlockwise direction and you will be good to go.


Owning a glowing water bottle comes with its fair share of advantages, which you should benefit from. It even gets better if you have children. These bottles are not only amazing aesthetically but also functionally efficient. The good news is, you get different designs and customization options, which gives the glowing bottles an edge over other ordinary water bottles. Alkaline batteries also serve for quite long, lowering the cost of maintenance and operation.

If you are still not sure whether to choose these bottles or not, I hope that this article will convince you. You are never going to regret owning one. For those with stubborn kids, making them drink water will be easy. Now, as a parent, you surely know the advantages of drinking water for kids.

These bottles are really great for kids, who are normally attracted to anything that glows. How about killing several birds with one stone? Get yourself and your kid a 3D glowing water bottle and live to enjoy the experience.