About CoolGiftMart

Light-emitting diode (LED) has changed the way we see and utilize lighting.  Not only is LED more energy-efficient, trusty, and environment friendly than incandescent and fluorescent lights, it's undeniably more attractive too. LED provides luster in different available color shades like red, green, purple, neon, and blue. That's why it is used for lightings which sets a mood for houses, restaurants, art galleries, and museums.
Not only that, but LED is also an integral component for every devices that we see or use every day. It's a component for flatscreen television, smartphones, electronic rice cookers, digital clocks, billboards, traffic lights, laptops, and computer monitors.
Since it can be made small but remain bright, the application for LED is endless. It has endless potentials for making the lives of consumers more meaningful and entertaining. As for CoolGiftMart, we believe in what LED Lights can do for gifting.

Why Is Gifting And How Do We Make It Better?

 Gifting is a simple act of appreciation, gratitude, or love for others. It aims to build a connection among people. In the process of doing it, considering the impact of the item, as a gift, is important. Items nowadays aren't that suitable for gifting anymore. Many products lack quality and don't make a lot of appeal to the receiver.
We don't blame consumers if they're pickier about buying. It's their undeniable right to criticize everything available for them in the market. CoolGiftsMart understands that it's the job of the manufacturer to meet the standards that the consumers set.
That's why we aim to make gifting better and more meaningful by innovating everyday items. We innovate everyday items by installing them with LED lights. Installing LED lights can make simple objects more special. Sometimes, a gift with a colorful glow is what people need to feel loved, appreciated, and thanked.
Our job is simply to provide consumers with trusty giftable items which the receiver will be happy to get. That's why the items we manufacture pass the highest quality control standards. Every finished product should be safe, useful, and durable for many years.
We plan to be one of the big names in the LED and GIFTS niche and that's why we can't afford to disappoint consumers.

How Did We Start?

Our story is only but a humble one. CoolGiftsMart is a company that was built on dreams and the desire to bring newer products to the market.  We started operating in 2018 with the leadership of our founder Jerry.
Jerry is a 3D modeling geek. Three-dimensional modeling is his breakfast, supper, and dinner. And he's always excited to learn new concepts and ideas for him to try out. With this trait of Jerry's. CoolGiftsMart managed to grow despite hardships.

Development of CoolGiftsMart Since It Started

 Thinking of and creating new products is never easy. There's a lot of particulars to consider such as who are our greatest competitors and what they already provided. Nevertheless, with fortunes help, we introduced our first product in 2018 - 3D illusion lamp.

The 3D illusion lamp was a hit. It was widely welcomed by teens and adults who want to have fancy decorations for their study rooms, gaming rooms, and bedrooms.  Applications for it are dynamic. People utilized our 3D illusion lamp as a decorative element on computers, windows, desks, and other household objects.

A year later the gates for progress opened once again. With the 3D illusion lamp a hit, we were able to earn enough money for product research and development. This resulted in the launching of LED wood lamps in 2019 - a product that was a hit to young adults and middle-aged adults.

Luck was on our side and in three years, we managed to create another product that excited consumers. Our glowing water bottle entered the market in 2019. This time it was a hit in all age groups - kids, teens, and adults. Nevertheless, it's great to point out that it's especially a craze for those who love to hike, camp, and do workouts in the gym.

And then last year was another milestone for us since we launched the colorful lamps.  It's a product that made a lot of appeal to business owners that run cafes, restaurants, villas, lodging houses, pubs, and bars. Since it's pretty new, we have yet to find out its success. By the way, another new product that we have is the glow-in-the-dark backpack, wooden lamp.


Where Are We Right Now?

CoolGiftsMart is slowly making its way to heights of success. During our 3 years of manufacturing quality giftable items, we have established a solid connection to consumers living in more than 100 countries worldwide especially those in Canada and United States.

Reaching customers quickly and making sure that our stocks stay up to date are very important. That's why we have opted to make warehouses in the following areas:

  • California, USA
  • Kentucky, USA
  • New York, USA
  • Vancouver, Canada

We also acknowledge not to undermine the power of the cyber age in reaching our clients. To this end, we have made this simple website featuring our collection of more than 100+ LED-enabled products. With that said, our offers are only a click away.

CoolGiftsMart Also Help

Our success came from a humble beginning. That's why we want to share the luck that was bestowed upon us. We're here to help you have a better life! Register in our affiliate program and get a share with each purchase of our color lamps, wood lamps, glow-in-the-dark backpack, 3D illusion lamp, glowing water bottle. Just try registering even if you don't qualify. Don't ignore opportunities that come your way!


CoolGiftMart Vision, Mission, and Goal

Vision - We see our company as one of the leading players in the giftable items niche. One that always earns positive reviews about its products and always provides clients with a high degree of satisfaction and happiness with each of their purchases.

Mission - we distribute giftable items made special with built-in led features and smart features such as remote control function.

Goal - We also strive to collect and expand our customers by catering to their ever-changing preferences and demands. Commitment to the successful development, production, and sale of unique LED giftable items is paramount so that the end-user remains engaged and optimistic.