Catitude 3D Glowing Water Bottle NEW|LIMITED

Catitude 3D Glowing Water Bottle.
Catitude + Night Light + Water Bottle (3 IN 1)
Catitude 3D Glowing Water Bottle

  • UNIQUE! Stand out from the crowd with attention-grabbing LEDs that light up the sides to reveal a cool image every time you take a sip from the easy-access chug spout. Seven color settings allow you to show off your favorite color, or you can select color-changing mode.
    Catitude 3D Glowing Water Bottle
    more 3d glowing water bottle
  • FUNCTIONAL! Unlike other children's water bottles that tend to leak all over cars, couches, and backpacks, our water bottle has a silicone gasket fitted inside the lid that prevents leaks which means that all 14 oz. of your favorite drink stay inside the attention-grabbing where they are supposed to be! Also, when you're not using your water bottle, remove the LED panel and use it as a nightlight! 30 minutes auto shut off timer helps fresh AAA alkaline batteries (not included) last up to 40 hours.
    Catitude 3D Glowing Water Bottle
  • PRACTICAL! If you've been looking for a convenient and easy to use water bottle for your child then your search is over! attention-grabbing because our water bottle has an oversized, spring-loaded push button with an auto-release function that offers easy opening. In addition, the attached lanyard makes the bottle easily portable to take to school, sports practice, and on weekend outings with the family!
  • STRONG! This water bottle is made from Eastman Tritan material, which means the durable hydration bottle is shatter-resistant, and what this really means is that you don't have to worry about your rough-and-tumble kids breaking yet another water bottle.
  • TOP QUALITY! CoolGiftMart water bottles are BPA-free which make them the perfect on-the-go companion for your young child, tweens, (and probably some fun-loving adults too).
    Catitude 3D Glowing Water Bottle

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